, STEM-UP NetworkDale Fallon, Founder, The Communication Gym

For over 20 years my focus has been on one mission: to improve our quality of life by improving the quality of our communication. I have had the privilege to work with thousands of business owners, executives, sales professionals and individuals across a wide variety of industries to help them build and enhance their communication competencies. Leveraging my corporate work, consulting skills, and black belt experiences, I have had the pleasure of sharing my belief in the dynamic and positive impact of meaningful, productive and powerful communication with others.

In 2005 I founded The Communication Gym, a competency based coaching and training organization. My focus is delivering skills to people who want to improve. I support, challenge, train, and coach people with a strong desire to realize a higher quality of life for themselves and their communities. They recognize that a long-term commitment to improving their communication skills is a keystone to achieve that goal.

See you @ the Gym!