, STEM-UP NetworkEdima Elinewinga, Chief Technology Officer, ZERO TO THREE

As the Chief Technology Officer at ZERO TO THREE, Ms. Elinewinga is responsible for the IT strategic planning and implementation of technology solutions to support the nonprofit organization’s mission, improve operational efficiencies, enable business growth, and accelerate innovation for competitive advantage.

Ms. Elinewinga has over 20 years of experience in IT organizational leadership, strategic planning, digital transformation, and implementation of technology solutions that support business growth.  Before joining ZERO TO THREE, Ms. Elinewinga served as the Executive Director of Information Technology at United Nations Foundation, where she spent 18 years leading all IT operations and provided the overall IT strategic direction to support the United Nation’s mission to solve global issues.

Ms. Elinewinga led an award-winning team recognized by the Telly Awards for its leadership in cloud-based and mobile technology through a video case study in 2016.  She serves as an Advisory Board Member for Twillio.Org and Talent for Good. Ms. Elinewinga holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Strayer University.