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Sola Adesida, Interim Executive Director of IT Resiliency, Kaiser Permanente

Sola Adesida is the Interim Executive Director of IT Resiliency. She oversees resiliency initiatives (Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Crisis Management) for Kaiser Permanente’s IT organization.

Before the Resiliency and Recovery Services team, she worked for Kaiser Permanente Program Offices, serving as a managing director. Before that, she held several other internal roles across the enterprise in strategic execution, executive engagement, portfolio management, regulatory compliance, technology management, and process optimization.

Before her time at KP, Sola worked for several consulting companies, where she built her leadership skills and workforce development. She holds a master’s degree in Health Administration from the University of Southern California and another master’s degree in Technology Management from Georgetown University.

Outside of work, she enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring local restaurants during her world travels.