The methods and mindsets of design thinking can make you a better leader and problem solver. Design thinkers inspire others by humanizing problem solving and creating space to examine multiple perspectives, question assumptions, tap into creativity and turn failure into learning. For women in STEM, these skills can unlock a powerful advantage that boosts productivity and outcomes. Whether you’re leading a project team or looking for ways to make sure your voice is heard, adding these skills to your repertoire can increase confidence and influence. Embraced by companies like Google, Capital One, SAP, GE, and PEPSICO, design thinking methods are used in research and development, as well as business areas like customer service and operations.

In today’s complex and fast-changing world, where the problems and opportunities require unconventional solutions, design thinking can lead to true collaboration and breakthrough ideas.  This will be a problem-based interactive session that provides an overview of the process and highlights some techniques that can be used right away for uncovering user insights, generating ideas or prototyping solutions.

Facilitated by Jen Reiner, founder of Align, a human-centered strategy company.


Jen Reiner is a founder of Align ltd, a human-centered strategy company that helps businesses grow their purpose and profits. Her work combines the lean start-up process, design thinking, leadership development and the spirit of social enterprise to help companies refresh and renew their business model and strategy.

Prior to Align, Jen spent 11 years helping to launch Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU), a start-up, non-profit university.  As one of the first 8 employees, Jen had the daunting task of leading student recruitment at a college that was merely a concept at the time. Later, she led the University’s continuing education and customized solutions.

In 2015, Jen was invited by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to establish and direct his office of innovation and transformation. Her charge was to lead modernization and innovation efforts in state government.  Currently, Jen teaches graduate courses and corporate training in entrepreneurship, sales, and leadership.  She has a Master’s in Business from Penn State University, and numerous experiences in non-profit leadership.

Jen Reiner