, STEM-UP Network
From left to right: Ms. Jill Edwards, Executive Director of Innovation Transfer Network; Dr. Bili Mattes, Assoc. Provost, Harrisburg University; Dr. Heather Kanenberg, Asst. Professor, Elizabethtown College; Dr. Robin McCann, Assoc. Professor, Shippensburg University; Dr. Richard Basom, Director of Research & Planning, Elizabethtown College; Dr. Kate McGivney, Professor, Shippensburg University, Project Manager; Dr. Alice Armstrong, Asst. Professor Shippensburg University; Mr. Chris Wonders, Director of Institute for Public Service & Sponsored Programs, Shippensburg University. Not pictured: Dr. Christina Dryden, Associate Professor of Integrative Sciences, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, and Dr. Sarah N. Bryant.


Katherine McGivney, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Shippensburg University; Project Manager, STEM-UP PA™
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Dr. McGivney is a professor of mathematics at Shippensburg University, whose area of interest include probability, statistics, and discrete mathematics. She has participated in several regional mathematics outreach programs, designed to encourage women to pursue math and science related careers. As PI she oversees all grant activities.

Robin McCann, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator, Shippensburg University.
Email: [email protected]
Dr. McCann is an associate professor of chemistry at Shippensburg University, whose area of interest includes the molecular mechanisms of diabetic retinopathy, development of assays for quantization of tetrodotoxin, and nano particle drug delivery systems. She continues to encourage female students in her department to consider professional careers in chemistry, through women in chemistry advisory meetings. She chairs the Mentoring Network.

Alice Armstrong, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator, Shippensburg University.
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Armstrong is an associate professor of computer science at Shippensburg University, whose research interests include statistical learning, machine learning, and computer science education. She is the faculty advisor for the student group Women in Computer Science (WiCS), and has participated in outreach activities designed to encourage young women to consider STEM majors and careers. She is the key contact for the Implicit Bias Recruitment materials.

Heather Kanenberg, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator, Elizabethtown College/University of Houston- Clear Lake.
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Kanenberg is an assistant professor and  Director of Field Research in the School of Human Sciences and Humanities at University of Houston- Clear Lake. She leads the STEM-UP PA™ research team and provides content expertise in the area of gender equity in higher education and methodological expertise in policy analysis, content analysis of policy/procedure documentation, triangulation of data/information, the synthesis of findings and the contextualization of results for dissemination and utilization.

Bilita Mattes, D.ED., Co-Principal Investigator, Harrisburg University of Science & Technology.
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Mattes has extensive experience in program development, administration, and outreach.marketing in higher education and adult learning. Outreach strategies, plans, and materials are planned for with each major initiative/activity of the project. Dr. Mattes will focus on STEM-UP PA™ plans to adapt, build upon, and develop proven programs and services that promote and support the increased representation and advancement of academic women in STEM across the collaborative in Central Pennsylvania. She is the key contact for the OASIS program.

Christina Dryden, Ph.D., Harrisburg University of Science & Technology.
Dr. Dryden is a charter faculty member of Harrisburg University. She has a background in Chemistry and Oceanography, and as an early-career woman STEM faculty member, she will provide perspective relevant to the STEM-UP PA™ goals. She will assist Dr. Mattes on promoting the professional development workshop activities. She will also assist the PI and Co-PIs in their efforts to reach out to other ITN member institutions to promote the STEM-UP PA program.

Ms. Jill Edwards, Innovation Transfer Network
Ms. Edwards is the Director of Operations at the Innovation Transfer Network and also currently serves as Executive Director of Ben Franklin Venture Investment Forum. Ms. Edwards handles the administration for ITN and manages its Seed Assistance Grant Program. She will be a member of the STEM-UP PA™ Leadership Team and coordinate the ITN efforts to promote and host events and disseminate information through the ITN network using the web and social media program.

Sarah Bryant, Ph.D.
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Bryant holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Purdue University and has experience as a visiting faculty member at area colleges (Gettysburg College, Dickinson College, and Shippensburg University) and several years of experience in the EDGE (Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education) and WISP (Women in Science Programs at Purdue University) programs, supporting women in STEM fields.