STEM-UP Network is a growing community in support of women in STEM professions in business, government and higher education.  It really does take a network of supporters and activities to allow women professionals in STEM to thrive and advance.  We need local community hubs and a network of sponsors that will be good stewards and that understand, and can meet, the needs of women professionals in their local communities.    Our sponsorship opportunities, university affiliations and partnerships with community initiatives are all in support of women in STEM.

Our Partners

There’s a lot going on in support of girls and women in STEM.  We think it’s important to recognize and embrace these efforts and see how they can help build our community and provide additional resources and connections to the members of the STEM-UP Network. 

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors support our community of women professionals in STEM fields, as well as providing access to programs and services for STEM women professionals within their own organizations.