This workshop is based on and adapted from “Searching for Excellence and Diversity,”® a workshop developed by WISELI: Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute®.

Reasons for the Program

Faculty members serving on hiring committees typically receive little education about the search process.

Recruitment and selection workshops provide faculty with information, advice, and techniques that will help them run more effective and efficient search committees, diversify their applicant pools, their interviewed candidates, the offers they make, and ultimately the new faculty they hire.

Workshop Elements

  • Peer Teaching: Incorporating faculty from the unit to deliver short presentations and serve as discussion facilitators;
  • Active Learning: Most time is spent in discussion and a sharing of practices from different departments; presentation is kept to a minimum;
  • Content on Unconscious Biases & Assumptions:  Participants are introduced to the social psychological literature on unconscious biases and assumptions, and learn how these tendencies might impact the hiring process;
  • Accountability (Evaluation):  Participants report on their success at recruiting diverse applicants to their pools.

Selected Presentations

  • Campus-based workshops in academic year 2012-2013:  Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (March  2013); Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Human Resources Conference at Shippensburg University (June 2013)
  • Elizabethtown College (August 2013)
  • Mathematical Association of America regional conference (October 2014)