Jumoke K. Dada, Technology Consultant and Founder, Signature RED and Tech Women Network 

Jumoke Dada is a dynamic technology professional whose sweet spot lies at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, security, and education.

With 15+  years of experience working in corporate information technology departments, as the principal of Signature RED, LLC, she provided technology consulting services to companies and created tools for women interested in careers in tech. Two of her creations included the Tech Women Network – an online platform for diverse technical women – and the annual HUE Tech Summit for women of color technologists.

In 2021, Dada began her pivot into cybersecurity after hosting a summit focused on women in cybersecurity. Shortly after, she was hired to be the project manager for the Making Space initiative which was focused on increasing representation among women, identifying workforce development issues, and encouraging a diversity of experts on cyber policy-related panels. She also led the efforts to grow CyberBase, a database of Black cybersecurity experts. Her work garnered her a nomination and in 2022, she was one of the winners of CyberScoop’s #CyberScoop50 “Most Inspiring Up and Comer” award.

Dada is a passionate leader and international speaker who often references “No More Hidden Figures” as part of her commitment to advocating for more diversity in tech. In addition to speaking, she has contributed diversity in tech articles to ForbesWomen. She is also a member of ForbesBlk, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, and the NASA Astrophysics database of IDEA practitioners.

Dada holds a bachelor’s degree in computer and information sciences, and a real estate certificate from Temple University. She is a certified Scrum Master and she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in cybersecurity (online) at the Georgia Institute of Technology.