Is STEM-UP Network right for you? Hear from real members about how the organization has helped them advance their careers and education.

Teray Johnson

“The STEM-UP Network provides excellent and practical ways to achieve your career, educational, and personal goals. I have also met and created lifelong relationships with amazing peers and mentors.”

Lori Portzer

STEM-UP is composed of a network of supportive professional females who work together to brainstorm solutions.  Being able to bring topics for discussion to a space where I am confident I will receive constructive support while navigating my career, especially as a young professional in the field, has been pivotal for my professional growth.  STEM-UP has been the most rewarding professional development I have engaged in!

Quotes From Our Members

“Even though virtual meetings, it's the positive energy and comradery that makes STEM-Up so valuable, especially for newer female professionals.”

“All your events have been really helpful. Events about research collaborations, publication productivity, tenure and promotion, leadership and more.”

“I greatly appreciate these events and hearing the experiences/insights of others in STEM. Thank you for organizing these opportunities to network and learn from others.”

“Thank you for the Self-Confidence- I am going to listen to (and own) the positive feedback and praise of colleagues when they share them with me. I'll talk back to the voice in my head that says I'm not worthy or that I'll be found out as an "imposter"”

“I am more streamlined in my work. I get more accomplished in less time. Also, speaking with other women as a part of this network has improved my confidence.”

“I've met a number of women in the STEM field from other institutions; I have mentored 3 different women and now have a funded collaborative research project with one of those individuals.”

“My personal network of colleagues has grown. I developed a collaboration with a faculty member at another institution on a research project as well as a community service project we now work on together. My confidence has increased due to the support of other women. I am better at negotiating with my colleagues in my department using skills learned in workshops and leadership training.”

“I have a much clearer idea of not just what I want and need to achieve in my career, but of how to meet those goals. I have gotten very practical advice from my mentor about selecting career aspirations, making and executing plans, and even just on the nitty-gritty details of teaching students and mentoring my research group.”

“I am fortunate enough to work in a department where women are treated the same as men and is very supportive so, did not recognize how much I could gain from these programs. Having a network of women as a resource when personal and professional things came up is more important than I realized.”

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