Growing Together

Mentorship aids in career success. Our program was developed to upskill and level-up women as they prepare for advancement at all levels of their STEM career journey. With a special emphasis on Women in Higher Education, Students (undergraduate to doctoral programs), and Early-Career STEM Professionals.

Enrollment for the 2023-2024 cohort is open! 

Together, we advance!


Whomever you are and wherever you are in your STEM career journey, your STEM-UP Network community is here to support you as you march forward. We are all continual learners, and being engaged in a meaningful mentoring relationship can only help you sharpen your professional skills, remain focused on intentional career outcomes and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities! The 9-month program is designed to upskill and level-up women in areas such as building your network, leadership, self-advocacy, developing your personal goals, and much more to prepare for the next stage in your career.

Expectations of Mentees: Commit to the 9-month mentor/mentee program, meet with an assigned mentor a minimum of once a month, engage with materials/resources provided by the mentor prior to each meeting, and participate in periodic reviews and program workshops.

Mentee Benefits:

  • Career Advancement (all levels)
  • Meaningful Relationship Development
  • Workshops
  • Upskill or Level-up your Skills
  • Access to Resume Review Sessions


We know navigating through your thriving career has had some hiccups, bumps, and challenges along the way. And we also know that you have not only survived them but thrived! Your guidance, support, and experience are needed by so many. No matter where you are in your STEM career journey, your milestones will make a difference for women in the STEM-UP Network, specifically early career, faculty in higher education, and students. We will host an orientation and provide a curriculum to adequately prepare you for the monthly meetings with your mentee. The commitment is minimal (2-3 hrs a month), but the reward of impacting lives is priceless!

Expectations of Mentors: Commit to the 9-month mentor/mentee program, meet with assigned mentee a minimum of once a month, engage with materials/resources provided by STEM-UP Network, and participate in periodic reviews and program workshops.

Mentor Benefits:

  • Attend Workshops
  • Access to Resume Review Sessions
  • Practice and Advance in active listening
  • Advance coaching skills
  • Advance questioning skills and provide feedback
  • Making a difference in another woman in STEM’s life



March 31st: Enrollment Opens (applicants must be a registered STEM-UP Network Member – 18 years or older)

June 30th: Enrollment Closed at 11:59 pm EST.

August 18th: Mentor/Mentee Profiles Due

September 1st: Mentor/Mentee Connection Emails Sent with Cohort Details

September 7th: Orientation (Virtual)

September 8th: Month #1 of the 9-month Structured Framework Begins

October 2023: Peer Group Roundtable’s 

November 2023: Workshop and Check-In Meetings (Periodic Review with SUN Team)

December 2023: Peer Group Roundtable’s 

January 2024: Peer Group Roundtable’s 

February 2024: Workshop and Check-In Meetings (Periodic Review with SUN Team)

April 2024: Peer Group Roundtable’s 

May (TBD) 2024: Celebration and End of Program

Our Proven Program Design

Our highly successful Mentoring Program brings pairs together with a focus on career satisfaction, productivity, and promotion.

One-to-one pairs are formed by matching junior and senior professionals based on strengths and needs. Our required orientation is followed by a structured mentor relationship: pairs identify career goals, hold periodic phone or in-person sessions, and continue the process over the course of a year. Career-focused workshops, events, and forums are offered throughout the program year and include a networking component designed to support the mentoring relationship and foster additional relationships among STEM professionals. Executive Committee Members hold periodic reviews for added support and structure to the program.

Our current Mentor Program includes over three dozen STEM professionals engaged in mentoring partnerships.

Orientation Session

 for Both New &
Returning Participants

Monthly Mentoring Sessions

for structured

Periodic Reviews

from STEM-UP Network Leadership
for Added Structure & Support

Group Workshops

on relevant topics like: Productivity Assets & Blocks;
Self Confidence; & Time Management/Goal Setting

Research-Supported Benefits for Mentoring:

  • Career advancement, including increased productivity and faster promotion rate
  • Opportunities to develop new networks and collaborations
  • Feelings of personal satisfaction
  • More positive work attitudes, including increased job satisfaction
  • Increased ability to obtain resources
  • Opportunities for visibility and recognition

“I feel good knowing someone is ‘out there’ with my interests in mind.”