Growing Together

Mentorship aids in career success. Our program was developed to upskill and uplevel women as they begin and prepare for advancement in early STEM careers. Mentors facilitate career advancement conversations, keep you grounded, and help you remain self-aware as you navigate your career journey. Together, we thrive!

2022-23 Mentoring Program

Registration has closed for this cohort.  If you are interested in joining our next Mentoring Program, please email us at [email protected] 

Our Proven Program Design

Our highly successful Mentoring Program brings pairs together with a focus on career satisfaction, productivity, and promotion.

One-to-one pairs are formed by matching junior and senior professionals based on strengths and needs. Our required orientation is followed by a structured mentor relationship: pairs identify career goals, hold a periodic phone or in-person sessions and continue the process over the course of a year. Career-focused workshops, events, and forums are offered throughout the program year and include a networking component designed to support the mentoring relationship and foster additional relationships among STEM professionals. Executive Committee Members hold periodic reviews for added support and structure to the program.

Our current Mentor Program includes over four dozen STEM professionals engaged in mentoring partnerships.

Orientation Session

 for Both New &
Returning Participants

Monthly Mentoring Sessions

for structured

Periodic Reviews

from STEM-UP Network Leadership
for Added Structure & Support

Group Workshops

on relevant topics like: Productivity Assets & Blocks;
Self Confidence; & Time Management/Goal Setting

Research-Supported Benefits for Mentoring:

  • Career advancement, including increased productivity and faster promotion rate
  • Opportunities to develop new networks and collaborations
  • Feelings of personal satisfaction
  • More positive work attitudes, including increased job satisfaction
  • Increased ability to obtain resources
  • Opportunities for visibility and recognition

“I feel good knowing someone is ‘out there’ with my interests in mind.”