About La-Kita Gilmore

La-Kita Gilmore, Director of Business Training and Development, WebFX

La-Kita is the Director of Business Training and Development at WebFX, providing oversight and developing best-in-class training initiatives for expert digital marketing account managers that will drive overall business results. She previously led the Transformation Technology Team as an Associate Director within Customer Advocacy & Service, AT&T Consumer. In this role, La-Kita was responsible for technology enablement and client solutions for the omnichannel interactive voice response platform, resulting in an innovative and effortless customer experience for a Fortune 100 company. Before her current assignment, La-Kita was the Chief of Staff for the Operations Transformation Organization. Over her 25-year career, La-Kita held progressive leadership positions across various functions and business units. Her experience spans roles in the Office of the President, Regional President Support, Centers Transformation, and leadership roles supporting multiple business channels. During her tenured career, she created, managed, and implemented many corporate citizenship initiatives to drive employee volunteerism across the AT&T organization for community development and sustainment.

La-Kita is a dynamic speaker, mentor, trailblazer, and community advocate who leads passionately. She consistently builds healthy communities through several local boards, creating initiatives that drive empowerment, student education excellence, financial literacy, STEM empowerment, and entrepreneurship. As a result of her continued community advocacy, serving, and leading in her community, La-Kita was awarded and a recipient of the “Women of Philanthropy Award” by The Foundation for Enhancing Communities on October 20, 2023.

La-Kita is also the founder and CEO of Women of Purpose, a non-profit organization created to help women gain confidence to live without limitations. Their mission is to help women discover, develop, and activate their purpose and passion in both the workplace and the landscape of family so they can effectively lead and serve in their communities. Women of Purpose was proud to write and self-publish their first book in November 2023, “Doing Hard Things With Purpose,” which shared stories of women who have taken significant steps to overcome obstacles to live on purpose.

La-Kita derives great fulfillment in leading and serving in various community and advocacy roles.