Dr. Bilita Mattes, Harrisburg University Provost and Chief Academic Officer, recently joined Comcast Newsmakers to discuss the STEM-UP Network and best practices for helping women remain in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

Powered by Harrisburg University, the STEM-UP Network is a community of professional women in science and technology which prepares women with real-world strategies and relationships that support development and advancement personally and within their careers.

When asked what can be done to retain women in STEM careers, Dr. Mattes outlined the mission of the STEM-UP Network.

“That’s exactly the mission of the STEM-UP Network is to provide the kinds of networks, connections, relationship, and strategies that will keep women in their chosen STEM professions,” Dr. Mattes said.  “And what we do as an external community and network, we complement what other organizations are already doing to pay attention to diversity and inclusion and gender equity within their organizations.”

To view the segment featuring Dr. Mattes, click here.


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