About Dr. Oralia Garcia Dominic

Dr. Oralia Garcia Dominic, Medical Policy Research Analyst, Chief Medical Officer Organization, Highmark Inc.

Dr. Oralia Garcia Dominic is a Medical Policy Research Analyst, Chief Medical Officer Organization at Highmark Inc.  In this role she spearhead the new technology pipeline; and provides content expertise, and conducts research and data analyses to help develop and maintain evidence-based coverage guidelines and monitor/assess the medical technology pipeline to anticipate and plan for the evolution of therapies to ensure appropriate benefit adjudication, patient safety and optimized therapy for our customers. Medical technology includes any intervention or service to treat any medical/surgical condition.  These technologies may include drugs, devices, procedures and/or gene therapy.

Dr. Dominic’s expertise includes community-based disease (e.g. COVID-19, diabetes, cancer etc) reduction strategies, health disparities, and social determinants of health research. She received PHS grant awards for her health disparities research; and she has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Dominic currently is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences (PHS) at Penn State College of Medicine (COM), Hershey, PA.

Dr. Dominic received her B.S in Biology (UTSA), M.S. in Nutrition (UIW), M.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies (UIW), M.S. in Biobehavioral Health (PSU), and PhD in Biobehavioral Health (PSU), and completed two post-docs one in Epidemiology (PHS COM), and the second in Health Services Research (PHS COM). 


Harrisburg Patriot-News January 2021: ‘Mistrust is well earned’: COVID-19 vaccine rollout must reach communities of color, leaders say


 Dr. Oralia Dominic, a medical officer and medical policy research analyst with Highmark, gave assurances that, while it may not be apparent to the general public, public health officials and medical stakeholders are rolling out a slew of initiatives designed to clear some of the hurdles that have historically marginalized underserved communities of color.

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